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About Us

About Us

As it were,

a priest, an artist and a dentist walked into a bar and STAC House Shows became a reality. Alongside the vision of our consummate hosts, Americana duo Finnegan Bell, is the heart of a Lowcountry raised, Oxford trained, song and people-loving priest named Hamilton Smith. His small parish plant is St Thomas’ Anglican Church, and as part of the original vision and key sponsor for every show, is the “STAC” in our STAC House Shows. Thus, with the partnership of an already widely successful weekly small town outdoor festival of sorts called “Barn Jams,” our co-sponsor Eddie White and his production crew at Awendaw Green seal up the vision and provide the infrastructure to create these unique, listening rooms that make a one-of-a-kind experience at each STAC House Show.


We believe in songs and songwriters and their unique ability to shape a moment and enrich the lives of the listener. STAC House Shows strives to foster such an environment that the artist can flourish in doing just that.

In the same vein as specially curated shows like Storytellers and  Live from the Artists Den, our shows’ environment and location are major characters in the story of each show. So, whether hosting a local or regional artist at a personal residence or backyard bar, or curating a beautiful event for a national artist, our listening rooms become the dynamic character to every songwriter protagonist we host.